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Thoughts and musings of a mom

The tooth fairy

on July 5, 2013

Santa always gets a treat when he comes to our house. We leave him cookies and milk. For some odd reason, it assumed that the reindeer are a bit more health conscious and they get carrots. So does the Easter bunny.

But what about the tooth fairy? She had to come visit our house tonight. She likes to leave $2 per tooth. Unless of course, your tooth falls out prematurely when you fall on the ice while you are on a field trip to the rink and your father happens to witness such event. Then you get $5. Surely it must be in her contract somewhere – dramatic events deserve higher return.

So tonight for the first time ever, I decided to leave our tooth fairy a leftover piece of cheesecake. She loved it! What a thoughtful idea! It is a win-win situation. The tooth fairy gets her tooth and a bonus piece of cheesecake, and my daughter receives $2.

Hmmm. My daughter has another loose tooth. I think the tooth fairy will want chips and dip next time, with a tall glass of Pepsi.


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