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Air conditioning

on July 15, 2013

You know the quote, “It’s better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.” Love, maybe, but, it does not apply to air conditioning. Our last house had air conditioning, via a heat pump. Yes, we only used the air conditioning portion of the heat pump a week or two of the year, but it was certainly appreciated on those days. Now in our current home, we have no air conditioning, because the thought was that we would have it installed later when we could afford it. Now we miss it, really, really miss it.

In an effort to not over exaggerate, this summer has been a little hot at times. Today we tried to stay cool by shopping in air conditioned stores, going to the air conditioned library, and then going to the local indoor pool.

In the meantime, I have thought of a plan for staying cool on those future hot, summer days. I am going to suggest that my kids and I start a new business. I propose that we use our resources (extra time on our hands throughout the day), and offer a pet-sitting and plant-sitting service to our neighbours with air conditioning while they are at work or away on a vacation. We could feed their pets/plants for them. But at no extra cost (like there was a cost in the first place), we could give their pets/plants some company and talk and sing to them. As an added bonus, we could read to them. The reading part is a fantastic idea for both the pets/plants and my children (I’ll be perfectly honest, one of the kids didn’t read much for the first couple weeks of vacation, aside from trying to interpret public washroom signs in restaurants). The pets/plants excel in the company of my little ones and my children don’t fall behind this summer in their reading. And one of them could do a little French vocabulary and sounds while they were at it. I’m not saying the pets/plants would be more cultured, or bilingual or anything of the like, but it could be entertaining, if nothing else. All in the comfort of their own homes, nicely air conditioned homes, that is. So there you have it, my plan for staying cool, I mean, ah, er, providing a necessary service for those lonely and possibly dehydrated pets and plants in our neighbourhood.

Do you want to know the ironic part of all of this? We are trying to save our loonies and toonies to go to Florida for a winter vacation. Hmmm, priorities….


3 responses to “Air conditioning

  1. Becky Carr says:

    Can I be your first customer? It’s win-win!

  2. lori murphy says:

    I have been looking forward to your latest musing and you did not disappoint me! Hilarious!

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