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Camping the summer away, or 2 nights of it anyways

on August 14, 2013

We went camping again! We ventured off to one of our provincial parks to check it out for a couple days. I recalled being there before, but I couldn’t quite place it, until my younger sister told me that we had camped there as children. Apparently we forgot my sister there at the park on our way home. We didn’t get along all of the time, but I would like to think it was an honest mistake, and we didn’t leave her there for that long.

So in true Christy fashion, I thought I would again share with you a bit of our adventures and what I learned from this camping trip, which will most likely be the last one of the 2013 season.

1) A 10 man tent is incredibly bigger than an 8 man tent. I know we, as a society, have increased in size since 1996 (when the last tent was purchased), and after the last couple days, I’m thinking the tenting industry has recognized this and increased the size of their tents accordingly. Or it could be that my memory is lapsing and our original tent was only a 6 man tent.
2) When you take the wicker basket off your bicycle so that it will fit better for transport, it suddenly becomes cooler in the eyes of a bunch of 9 year olds boys. They asked me if I would be joining them in their race down the hill to the rec centre. Move over minivan, my bike is cooooooool. Because I knew there was no way I could claim the injuries that would inevitably occur as a disability claim, I declined their invitation and let the pride of being the fastest down the hill belong to a nine year old boy instead.
3) My children need to be enrolled in an intensive animal identification course. The following is a conversation between my husband and my oldest child…
Husband: Look girls! There’s a beaver in the water over there.
Daughter: Yeah Daddy, and a lunatic!
Husband: That’s a loon, my dear, a loon.
Enough said.
4) Surely to goodness I am not the only “over 40″ woman with a little weight issue sleeping in a tent on an air mattress. How are their backs surviving? It took me well over three hours before I stopped considering calling a chiropractor/massage therapist/”pharmacist” for a little pain relief. Any (legal) suggestions would be highly, I mean greatly, appreciated.
5) Apparently bluejays have a really weird call with which I was not familiar. My first thought when hearing one FIRST thing in the morning was that someone had obviously left a whistle on a picnic table and a very large bird with an enormous lung capacity had stolen it and was now playing it over my head. My husband, the one who knows what a loon looks like, told me that the bird was a bluejay. Who knew?
6) Jiffy Pop popcorn works better than s’mores as a bedtime snack. I’m not saying its healthier but bedtime came a little easier without the extra sugar.
7) It is best to pack what valuables you did bring in the tent beside your head, and not in the van, so that you can rest easy knowing that they are safe and sound. Or you could leave them in the van, worry about them incessantly throughout the night, but not go out and check to make sure they are ok because the last time your husband got out of the tent in the middle of the night, he almost urinated on a skunk, and the last words out of your husband’s mouth right before you went to sleep was that there was a skunk outside of the tent, and then you were really sure you heard it outside roaming around, probably trying to steal your old bank card with $30 in the account right from out of your purse while it was locked away and hidden in your van.

Well, that is it folks. Most likely, the end of the camping season for this family. But stay tuned, while we were out camping, we had a little day adventure that had Facebook status/blog written all over it.


4 responses to “Camping the summer away, or 2 nights of it anyways

  1. Krista says:

    A great read, as always!! Can’t wait for the day trip adventure blog post!! From the tidbits I’ve heard … it will make a great Christy tale 🙂

  2. Lori Murphy says:

    I so look forward to reading your blog! This was hilarious,as every one of your posts have been. I am totally proud to say I am your friend 🙂

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