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One Direction in our Minivan

on August 24, 2013

When we drive our kids in the van, they always like to listen to music and are beginning to sing along more. This weekend while driving to town, we listened to the radio, and sang along with Bruno Mars, One Direction and other Top 40 hits. The clean edited radio versions for all of you who silently gasped all the air out of the room just now. As the girls were singing though, I got to thinking about music in the car….

I’m sure, to which many of you can attest, families have a variety of different music tastes. And this definitely becomes most evident when confined to a small metal box on wheels. Ahhh yes, The Family Road Trip, Radio Station Wars Edition.

Back in the day, my sisters and I used to have to listen to whatever our parents were interested in at the time. This, of course, meant The Statler Brothers. All of the time. Counting Flowers on the Wall. King of the Road. The Class of ’57. Yes, we knew them all and could sing backup for any one of them. Elementary school aged girls typically have problems with singing bass though, so we never did get called in for any Statler Brothers stage emergencies.

Nowadays, my husband and I have an unwritten (maybe even unspoken) rule in our family. Whoever is driving the vehicle gets to choose the radio station/music for the drive. His choice of music is country. Mine is more pop. Our musical tastes meet up though when we listen to John Tesh’s radio program. Or when a country song becomes a crossover hit. Or when all the stars align and a country crossover hit is on John Tesh.

Lately we have both been compromising slightly in our listening interests. Although I haven’t yet got him convinced to memorize Nate Ruess’ part in his duet with Pink so we can rock out to that song while driving. The kids make wonderful backup singers. You should see them, or maybe you have, while driving anywhere close to our minivan as we drive through town. We are a sight to be seen. And don’t worry, I lost all my pride back in 2007 (ok, well, a good portion of it anyways), so it’s a good show. Oh, and I teach Kindergarten, so I’ve got song actions in my back pocket.

My youngest daughter loves the One Direction song, You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful, so that is always a hit when it comes on the radio. I didn’t know what song my daughter was singing for months when she would go around the house singing it. Finally I sang her version of it in front of a couple coworkers and they told me right away what it was. Ugh! My five year old and her first all-boy band. And to think my first all-boy band was The Statler Brothers!

Although it is fun to sing along together to the radio, what really warms my heart is listening to my girls sing along with the worship songs they have learned throughout the years. No, it may not be the version of Amazing Grace that I learned as a child, but the heart of the message is still there and will ring true throughout the ages. God bless their sweet little voices.

Regardless of the genre though, music in the family vehicle has always been and will always be a part of our family fabric. We may not be in the running for any Grammys ourselves, but I think we’ve got the best vocals for duet or group going. Well, or an Emmy for best daytime performance in a comedy.


10 responses to “One Direction in our Minivan

  1. Lori Murphy says:

    Amazing! ‘So glad you found time to make me laugh(and cry,but just a few tears lol) I thought you might get too busy once vacation was over.

  2. Nancy McCormick says:

    Hi Christy,
    I hope you don’t mind I have been reading your musings. It takes me back memory lane. I really enjoy them. I can see you all so clearly. God Bless you!! (You should consider writing a book.)

  3. Kelly says:

    Love this last one! Well, I love them all, but the ‘all boy band…the statler brothers’…too funny!

  4. Jen says:

    You’re awesome… You have to keep writing… Wing each day and who cares about report cards. Do a generic blog about your students and email it to the parents. It would be far more authentic and interesting!

  5. Amy says:

    Christy – you have found your niche!
    This is awesome!!

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