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How I met my Husband

on September 8, 2013

In honour of school and university students going back to class last week, I thought I would share with you all about how I met my husband, Scott. Well, that and I told him if he didn’t start subscribing to my blog, I would write a post about him.

I don’t actually recall if we were officially introduced to each other. Needless to say, it wasn’t love at first sight. Ok, as far as I was concerned, it wasn’t.

My first recollection of him though was hearing him on a school bus. As part of our small university’s Orientation Week events, one day the students were bussed to a nearby local national park. The only fragment I can bring to memory’s surface from that day is hearing this guy on the back of the bus wailing like a siren. I’m not exactly sure what type of siren I would classify it under (police, ambulance, fire truck, natural disaster warning, or none of the above).

Yes, some people hear sweet music when they meet the love of their lives. The earth moves, birds sing from the treetops, the stars shine brighter, the clouds depart.

I heard a siren.

Truth be told, I originally thought he was much older than a lowly freshman and couldn’t figure out why he was in so many of my classes. Then I figured out he was a freshman, just much more popular than I and already knew a lot of “older, more mature” students on campus.

Well, we ended up going on one date to the Christmas banquet that year. Yes, one date and a couple months later I started to date…

His future roommate. For several months.

Cue seeing the light.

That relationship ended. And Scott had big shoulders to cry on. Hmmm, convenient. He ended up becoming my best friend.

Finally after about a year and a half after our first date, we actually started to date, for real this time. And so here we are, 21 years later, happily married for 17 years. (Not that 4 years were rocky, just that we dated for 4 years previous to becoming newlyweds.).

And what does my husband do for a living now? He’s a paramedic and a volunteer firefighter. And no, he just pushes a button to make the siren go these days.


2 responses to “How I met my Husband

  1. Krista says:

    Great Story!!

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