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Things you Learn During a Family Bike Ride

on September 14, 2013


Ok, it’s a been a while since I made a list of anything in particular (grocery lists included), so I thought I would share with you my latest thoughts. This time the subject is The Family Bike Ride.

1) Have your husband track your mileage on his iPhone so you can brag later about how far you went. It was a little over 12 kilometres today, by the way, but he thinks it was further. So do I.
2) Feed your youngest child and in our case, the hungriest at all times, half way through the trip.
3) Remember these adventures and the smile you had on your face throughout it, for tomorrow your legs are going to ache because you haven’t done this enough lately.
4) Plan more of these adventures when the local ice cream shop is still open, so you stop there to feed your hungry child part way through.
5) Take money/boxed lunch with you so you can feed your hungry child.
6) The hungrier the child, the longer the trip. 12 km + hungry child = feels like 120 km.

So there you have it folks. I’m off to get my little family ready for bedtime stories and sweet dreams (don’t worry, my husband fed them beforehand). Happy trails to you.

Just in case you’re wondering, the calculator attached to the bike is a really cheap GPS.


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