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Mad as…

on September 22, 2013

“I’m as mad as mom!” Those were the words yelled in frustration from one of my children to the other. The girls had been playing well together earlier in the morning, but I could tell there was growing unrest amongst them just from the tone of their voices coming from one of their bedrooms.

My initial reaction, I admit, was to chuckle to myself. She must be really mad if her level of madness was elevated to that of her mother’s. Ouch!

To give her credit, she was using her words, and not being physically aggressive with her sister. She was describing her feelings in the way she knew best. But it was not exactly the literacy lesson in similes I was hoping for though.

To my credit, she sounded rather calm when she spoke those words. Immediately after though, she hissed at her sister. I don’t hiss. But I spew. My words. And sometimes they are not loving.

Anger can be justified. There are times when it is right to be angry. Even Jesus demonstrated the emotion of anger at times. He was fully human and fully God. But His anger was justified and controlled. Jesus, demonstrating God’s goodness, was loving and caring.

Do my words and actions always mimic His? Is my anger controlled and only reserved for situations that deserve it? Unfortunately this is not always the anger my girls see.

Often my frustrations come out in the form of anger. The straw that broke the camel’s back. My children are not those pieces of straw. They are my children, given to me so that I can help them become adults who will in turn pass on God’s love to others.

So the next time a room is not cleaned or a TV is not turned off as quickly I would like it to be, I need to remember to react in kindness. Yes, I may be frustrated and threaten a visit from the Fire Marshal or the provincial power company, but my attitude and behaviour need to be kept in check. I need to give peaceful solutions and be the mom my children need.


One response to “Mad as…

  1. Anna says:

    Wow! Great thoughts. I have to remind myself that I’m not Jesus, so my “righteous anger” is probably more like self-righteous temper tantrum thrown by a 33 year-old. Justified and controlled? Not always. Thanks for the reminder to keep working on it and to use some grace!

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