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What I learned in September

on September 29, 2013

Recently I discovered Emily P Freeman who writes the blog Chatting at the Sky. She lists what she has learned on a monthly basis. I thought I would try it today and tell you what I have learned in my life for this month of September. Some things are profound and some of them are not. Ok, I admit, none of them are incredibly profound. Really. At all.

What I learned in September:

1) Costco had giant pots of tri-coloured fall mums for $10 this month. I need to go to Costco more often and take advantage of some of these deals. I’ve had a Costco membership for almost two years now and I don’t get there enough for my liking. I’ve had a couple conversations within the last two weeks about different items on sale there and I realized that I’ve been missing out.

September 2013 097 A

2) Kindergarten students need a lot of walking in line practice.  I teach Kindergarten and now, almost four weeks into the school year, I think we have this pretty well mastered. Don’t worry, I know we will need to practice again, I’m sure. We are still working on other things.

3) I love owls and I may need to watch this current owl obsession to keep it in check. I used an owl theme in my classroom this fall, and I have a feeling it’s going to creep into my home very soon, one owl at a time.

4) Allowing my youngest child to order off of the regular menu in a local family restaurant, rather than from the children’s menu, could be the death of our family eating out. Although, this could be the beginning of a good thing for the family budget. But in the meantime, I suspect there may be tears involved.

5) There is a reason for the ratio chart on the box of rice. Too much water and time equals a disgusting supper that my oldest described as tasting like compost. Not that she has ever eaten compost, but she has an active imagination.

Well, that is it for this month. Here’s hoping I learn new things in October. Maybe even something profound.

Visit Chatting at the Sky to see what others have learned this month.


2 responses to “What I learned in September

  1. #3 – I’ve recently discovered that I love owls, too. I haven’t figured out where they fit in my home decor yet.
    #5 – oh, ew. I had a similar eye-opening moment with potatoes and milk for mashed potatoes shortly after getting married. It’s definitely not as strict as rice, but there is a limit. 😛

    I’m visiting from Chatting at the Sky.

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