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Laundry Days

on October 22, 2013


When my husband and I were first married, someone had lent us an apartment size washing machine. We were incredibly grateful as it would mean we were no longer dependent on doing laundry elsewhere. Because my husband is a big man and the washer was small, I could only do about three pairs of his jeans in it at a time. When laundry day came along, it was not unusual for me to do six loads at a time. Oh, and we didn’t have a dryer either, so it meant hanging clothes out on our short clothesline in the warmer months and hanging them on drying racks (makeshift or otherwise) throughout our house in the not-so-warm months. It was only the two of us, so it didn’t bother me…much. A few years later, we received a very old, harvest gold, dryer from my husband’s grandmother. It did the trick, but the machine got incredibly hot and to be quite honest, I was scared of the thing. I only used it when we were in the house and always turned it off when leaving home or before bed. I didn’t trust it.

Fast forward to now, 17 years later, and we now own a front load washer and dryer. Our clothesline is longer and we actually have a little room we call the laundry room. On our house plans it is called the mud room, which is probably a more accurate description of it most of the time. Seventeen years later, and we also have two children adding to our laundry, and I’ll speak for myself when I said my clothes are a bit bigger than they were back in the day (a size or two, give or take, if we don’t count the odd numbers). Needless to say, laundry is an ongoing project and there is no designated day for it because we could/should be working on it everyday. In fact, I probably should be doing laundry right now…

Laundry can be time consuming but it is necessary. Just like dealing with our past worries, mistakes, hurts and wrongs. Everyday laundry needs to be dealt with before stains have a chance to set in…like those worries, mistakes, hurts and wrongs. We can leave the laundry in the pile, becoming buried and mildewed. Or we can deal with it immediately and have it washed, hung and dried before sunset. Taking our worries, mistakes, hurts and wrongs to God daily is healing and cleansing.

My sister couldn’t believe one day the items that I put in my dirty laundry basket to be washed. She thought I was crazy to wash items that weren’t visibly dirty. But I knew what my clothes had been through that day, every day. A paint smear here, little hands that didn’t find a tissue quick enough wiped there, dust from a floor that I crawled on to clean up a juice spill here, lunch crumbs ground in there. Things that with a quick glance might escape a non-so-discerning eye, but I knew they were there. I knew they would need to be dealt with…sooner rather than later.

Just like those worries, mistakes, hurts and wrongs. Little things left over time to build up.

Sometime we need the help of others in order to figure out how best to deal with particular stains on our clothes. Other parents, the real experts in the field of laundry. They give us suggestions on how to deal with grass stains, grease, and dry erase markers.

Sometimes we need the help of our friends, to help us deal with our worries, mistakes, hurts and wrongs. They give us advice, a push in the right direction and their time. They are a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on. They forgive us. Are there for us.

We often put an extra layer of clothing over our children when we send them outdoors. They wear splash pants in the spring to keep dry and snow pants in the winter to keep warm. Like the snow bank bound child, covered from head to toe in extra layers, trying to keep out any chills, dampness, and cold, we put on our extra layers of protection as well. But do our layers really protect us? Or are they walls we build up that keep in the cold? Do they allow others in? Let God in?

We need to allow God to protect us, not these invisible fences. When we fall down, and worry, make mistakes, hurt and even do wrong, He will be there to help us up, listen, dust us off, clean us.

And unlike my washing machine with a lifetime expectancy of less than a decade and the old untrustworthy harvest gold dryer, God will always be there. Trust Him.


6 responses to “Laundry Days

  1. Sara says:

    well said!

  2. Beth says:

    Christy. You have been used in my life in a much needed way today. Thanks girlie for this blog entry.

  3. Lori Murphy says:

    OUCH! Also,that was amazing. I am getting so blessed by your blog. Sometimes you provide much needed laughter,sometimes tears,sometimes I feel “convicted”,but always,always blessed by what you share

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