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A different chair

on October 29, 2013

The other night I sat in a different chair at the supper table because my daughter had company over to visit. I found myself directly across from my daughter which allowed me to see her with a renewed vision. I remarked how I didn’t normally sit in that particular chair and have that vantage point. And there she sat, smiling, confident, beautiful. Her hair shone, her face glowed and happiness surrounded her. Perhaps she caught me a little off-guard at the realization that she is growing up and this could not be avoided, but yet, I believe the emotion that surpassed all others was that of an intense love intermixed with joy for my daughter.

How often do we take the opportunity to sit in a different chair with God? Too often we stand up, gripping onto nearby objects to steady us, to busy us. Too. Busy. Us.

We see Him in the same light each day, off to the side, not noticing His beauty, the radiance that pours out. Almost ignoring. Focused on the task at hand, the daily rituals, mundaneness, mediocrity.

Mary versus Martha. Mary sat and listened, while Martha missed that opportunity with Jesus.

When all we really need to do is sit. Listen. And be still. Know that He is God. And respond.


6 responses to “A different chair

  1. Amy says:

    I love it!

  2. Lori Murphy says:

    Oh wow Christy,you are so gifted. God is really using you in my life through this blog.

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