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I’ll take the nachos

on November 10, 2013

Last night my husband, my children and my family all went out for supper to a pizza place in a nearby city. My husband and I were debating what to eat, and as per usual, I was taking my cue from what I could see others were ordering.

It’s an ongoing joke at my workplace that whenever we go out to eat that I always have to make my own food choices based on what the others are eating. On some kind of subconscious level, I don’t sit near the “soup, salad and sandwich” co-workers. They make me feel guilty, completely based on their menu choices.

So back to last night. We were in a pizza joint, no “soup, salad and sandwich” crowd around. I asked my family what they were ordering, but what I was really craving was the nachos that the two women at a nearby table had ordered. I noticed in the menu though that there were two different sized plates of nachos. Trying to be discreet, I quietly asked my husband what size plate he thought they had, the 6″ or the 9″. My husband, who apparently hadn’t cleaned out his ears in a while, didn’t hear my question, and thought I was directing my casual head nod towards the door of the restaurant, to which we were very close. Just at that same moment, an older woman walked into the restaurant and was standing at the entrance waiting to be seated.

Now, before I go any further in this story, one must realize that my husband thinks he either knows everybody, went to school with them, and/or is related to them. This is not true, and I have tried to tell him this for years. Last night, he found out that sometimes his wife is right. Unfortunately, he also discovered that sometimes, his wife doesn’t talk loud enough.

He completely mistook my casual head nod, didn’t hear my question, and thought I was acknowledging the woman standing at the entrance to the restaurant. He started to speak to her, as if he knew her, and she came over to our table. At this point, I tried to use what body language I could muster to tell him, that we did not know this woman. An awkward ten seconds passed where we all tried to clear up the misunderstanding as the realization dawned on my husband that he did not know this woman.

Afterwards my husband excused himself to go to the washroom. He saw the woman, as she had been seated in a quiet booth at the back of the restaurant near the washrooms. He introduced himself, and as it turned out, they had a nice little conversation and the woman did actually know my husband’s great-grandmother (or so she said).

Ok, so maybe my husband does know everyone. Ah, the six degrees of my husband. A new game the whole family can play.

Oh, and I know you’re all wondering. How big was the nacho plate? Six inches. I asked.


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