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I will be…

on November 17, 2013

Last month we celebrated Halloween at school and in my K class, we wrote about the students’ costumes. Each sentence that the students wrote began with, “I will be _____.”


I will be.

We ponder that statement throughout our lives. Not just as children, teens or young adults, but as the years go on…and on…and on.

And then…

We watch our children and ponder. We pray for them. Weep for them. And wonder who they will be.

So in taking these childhood costumes as inspiration, I write. To my dear children, I wish that you will be:

*Treated like a princess. But don’t always feel the need to act like one. Just remember your manners.

*Always trusting your spidey (Spiderman) senses. You were given intuition. Use it.

*Finding yourself a knight in shining armour. The armour doesn’t always have to be shiny. Honesty and trust are more important.

*Having the courage to be a Transformer of things that need to be changed in yourself. Not to please others, but to follow God.

*Keeping the imaginations you currently possess to always believe in pink leopards and maybe even unicorns. Write using your imagination, read with it, dream with it, live with it.

*Keeping the vampires out of your lives. They will suck the life out of you. Surround yourselves with true friends who uplift you, treat you kindly, and make you laugh.

*A firefighter, helping those in need, protecting, teaching. Always be careful and safe. At the same time, don’t allow others to put out your fire.

*Living free and not as a prisoner of people, thoughts or needless things. Keep your eyes and thoughts on God.

And in the meantime, I WILL BE praying, wishing, dreaming, caring, loving, and listening for you. I will be there, my dear children, my blessings.


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