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Merry Un-Christmas

on December 21, 2013

I’ve been reading Christmas books to my students for the last couple of weeks in anticipation of the upcoming celebrations. One book, Merry Un-Christmas, by Mike Reiss, really grabbed my attention. The premise of the book is that the main character, Noelle, is bored and unsatisfied with her experience of Christmas. See, for in Noelle’s town, Christmas is celebrated 364 days of the year. 364 days of new dolls, skates, bikes and ponies. The exception to this, is Un-Christmas. Noelle looks forward to Un-Christmas every year because on this one day, she can do what we consider regular, every day activities, such as go to school, receive mail and eat TV dinners.

As we address another Christmas card, buy another present, bake another pie, attend another party, decorate another tree, sing another carol, light another candle, eat another candy, hang another stocking, clean another room, plug in another set of lights, the Christmas “season” extends itself beyond the one day of celebration. Gradually the birth of Jesus becomes a month long celebration.

But how many of us are actually really celebrating? And by celebrating, I mean taking the time to really reflect on His birth. I’d be the first to admit that the busyness of the season does suck me into its vortex and I’m left, tired out, sitting in my recliner and drifting off as I try to make yet another purchase online. Looking for that perfect gift, the one that will bring an immediate smile to the face of its recipient.

When really the perfect gift came a long time ago. A tiny baby, wrapped in cloths, lying in a food trough. A gift of peace and love, a heavenly outstretched arm to us in the form of a baby.

A gift that doesn’t need to be returned the following day. But a gift that we just need to accept.

Now don’t hear what I’m not saying. I love the presents and watching my children standing in awe on Christmas morning in front of the tree. I love the turkey and the stuffing, the pie and the candy. I love the parties, the singing, the decorations.

I just need to be reminded that it all began on ONE day, with a gift for everyday. A gift on that very first Christmas Day, for all of those other Un-Christmas days.


2 responses to “Merry Un-Christmas

  1. Lori Murphy says:

    Amazing and inspiring…. again

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