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My One Word 2014

on December 30, 2013

One Word My One Word. Our pastor asks the congregation as individuals to choose one word for the year that we are to focus on in our spiritual lives. The Sunday morning service between Christmas and New Years is dedicated to it every year. Yesterday was that day.

I’ll be perfectly honest. I can’t even remember if I chose a word last year. The whole process makes me somewhat anxious. And I don’t think I have ever really approached it whole-heartedly. Ok, I know I have never.

What if my word is not mature enough? Spiritual enough?
What if my word leads me to learn lessons I don’t want to learn?
What if my word is the same as everyone else’s and then I just looked like I copied it?
What if my word just doesn’t lead me anywhere?
What if my word just sits on a shelf? In a dictionary. Waiting for me.


And so for this year I have chosen the word…


I long to take my walk with God seriously.
Listen to Him seriously.
Read His Word seriously.
Worship Him seriously.
Cry out to Him seriously.
Take my spiritual health seriously.

Be serious.

I’m in trouble, aren’t I?



2 responses to “My One Word 2014

  1. Anna Braun says:

    Great word! Mine is “power”. God’s power, the power we have as believers, the awesomeness side of God. I’m not sure mine will be more intellectual or emotional, but I do hope to “seriously” study God more this year! Excited to hear how your journey with Him turns out!

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