Did I say that out loud?

Thoughts and musings of a mom

Because we simply just don’t know

on February 23, 2014

While I journey through this life into eternity…

I want to sing joyfully in the van,

I want to snuggle with my babies,

I want to take pictures with my mind,

I want to read an extra page to my child at bedtime,

I want to eat that piece of chocolate cake with boiled icing,

I want to kiss my love again and again,

I want to talk a little longer,

I want to laugh a little louder,

I want to count the stars and breathe in the fresh air of a moonlit night,

I want to relish the silence,

I want to embrace the noise,

I want to lend a hand,

I want to count my blessings,

I want to say another word, pray another word, write another word,

I want to share more, listen more, love more

…because we simply just don’t know


In memory of Chris (1968-2013)


2 responses to “Because we simply just don’t know

  1. Darrelyn Snider says:

    That was beautiful Christy!!!!

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