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March break staying put family style

on March 9, 2014


Throughout the next number of weeks, students will be experiencing their March/Spring Breaks. This past week, our province partook in the annual ritual. I enjoyed the break and spending the time with my children. Ok, they went to their sitter’s one day. Don’t judge. We didn’t venture too far from home, but we enjoyed ourselves and are ready to go back to our regular routine now, renewed and refreshed (more or less). The following is a little rundown of our week that was.

At least one member of our family has to be sick over a school holiday. It is an unwritten rule. But during this March Break, we have discovered that one of our children can actually blow her nose really well. So well, in fact, I am considering bringing her into my classroom to do a little lesson on her technique. Hand washing lessons will be held on another day though.

I can make a pretty good sub sandwich. Normally I would say that any sandwich made by someone else always tastes better than the one I would make, but this week I made a REALLY good sandwich. The secret is in the pre-cut dill pickles.

I have an irrational, bordering on rational fear of bugs. One hotel visit and I am in paranoid freakout mode. I have been subject to my fair share of pest issues in the past (bats, mice, fleas), and I cannot mentally handle another one. The same hotel visit was a pure delight to my children and I did relax eventually.

Sitting in a lounge chair poolside at a hotel’s unsupervised pool has the possibility of being slightly overwhelming to an off-duty teacher.

I could make it a goal to find every restaurant offering free meals to children throughout the course of a week. East Side Mario’s was the place to eat this week, and everyone knew it. We were trying to seat 6 of us, and apparently on the night we were there, this was an issue. If we waited any longer to get a table, I was at risk of ending up on a YouTube video….of me entertaining the customers with my dance moves while waiting at the door. But the scallop carbonara was worth it! And the bread. And the salad (served in incredibly oversized bowls). And the Coke. But not the second glass.

My kids can shop, as long as you’re buying one of them a memory foam pillow at Costco and stopping in at Indigo for the other. Seriously…does anyone else have a 6 year old who sleeps with a memory foam pillow?

My kid thinks she has a size 3 foot. She really only has size 1 or 2 feet, but when the gentleman in the shoe store told her that Bogs run a size smaller, and her friend was nearly the same size, the competitive side of her surfaced and she felt she should be a size 3 from now on. Today she wore size 13 shoes to church.

The song, “Let it Go” does not showcase ANY of my daughter’s talents. ANY!

A very tiny part of me had the very fleeting thought that perhaps this past Saturday should have been -20 Celsius, so that those who were fortunate to take a holiday in the southern parts of our planet would have a glorious Canadian welcome home. But it was actually a very nice day, and that thought was really mean. And very fleeting. Please forgive me. Really, it was fleeting.

Well, that about sums up my week. Here’s hoping spring is right around the corner. And Easter break ;).


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