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Just picking up a few things at the grocery store

on March 17, 2014

How did that Pepsi slip in there?

How did that Pepsi slip in there?

I cannot go to the grocery store without feeling some teeny bit of guilt over something that has landed in my cart. Whether it is the little snack I picked up for the kids to go in their lunches or the slighter bigger treat I bought for myself (and maybe my husband) for a quiet evening at home. I’ll be the first to admit that not everything that goes into my grocery cart is healthy. Don’t judge.

In all seriousness, I doubt too many people are really checking out my grocery cart, but I know I have caught a few wandering eyes looking right in there, eyeing my beloved bottle of Pepsi. And it is on those days, I really wish I had a shirt (or even a placard) that had emblazoned in a bold, yet beautiful font, one of the thoughts that run through my head as I cheerfully throw another package of cream cheese in my cart.

If you have felt the same way, please feel free to use any, if not all, of my lines/excuses below:

I caught you looking. You were looking in my cart. I know you were. Don’t deny it!
My husband bought all of the fruit and vegetables this morning.
I’m only buying the sale items today.
This is for a party.
This is for a BBQ.
This is for a family gathering.
This is for a street party.
This is for a housewarming.
This is for a contest.
This is for a wedding.
This is for a funeral.
This is for a hockey team.
This is for the inauguration of a president.
This is nothing. You should have seen what I bought yesterday!
There are fruits and vegetables buried under here somewhere, I swear.
My neighbour broke her leg, can’t get out of the house, and so these are for her.
My family is being held hostage and the kidnappers have requested this stuff.
It’s for the babysitter…and her friend.
There’s an open house at my neighbour’s and she asked me to pick up a few things.
There’s a storm coming. Prepare yourself, folks!
I won this!
Did you know this was on sale in aisle 4. That is why I have 15 of them in my cart.
I’m making a documentary.
Why does my husband ALWAYS get me to pick up the treats for his buddies?
Who put THIS in my cart?
I have a craving.
I’m performing a science experiment.
I am REALLY hungry.
This will last our entire family of 20 almost an entire year.
Look away, look away.

Yes, I know I am probably being paranoid. But to be quite honest, when you do notice everyone else walking around with multiples of KD and toilet paper, you know you must be missing out on a good sale.

So, maybe it is a good thing to be a little nosey.

Speaking of which, if you looked in my grocery cart this past weekend, you would have noticed a large sum of cream cheese planted right on top. It may or may not last my family into the BBQ season because sometimes I’m just plain REALLY hungry.


3 responses to “Just picking up a few things at the grocery store

  1. Krisrta says:

    Laughed out loud! The only others in the room at the time were my dogs … and they thought I must be losing it πŸ˜‰ Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!

  2. Love this! I found myself apologizing for all the frozen lunch meals in my cart at Sobey’s yesterday. They were on sale, but I probably didn’t need 12 of them.

  3. Anna Braun says:

    “Who put this in my cart?” Have you ever put things in other people’s carts just for fun? Seriously, try it sometime. Poor guy at the checkout… πŸ™‚

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