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He is not here

on April 20, 2014

You’ve gone looking for someone. You expected to find him or her in one location, but are disappointed to discover that they are no longer there. A moment of panic grips you as you realize that your day is not going according to plan. Fear sets in. Where are they?

He is not here.

Could there be four more fearful words ever written (Matthew 28:6)? Even though the angels had tried to taper that statement with comforting words of telling the women to fear not in the previous verse, imagine the initial nauseating realization that Jesus was gone. Not where you thought He should be at that very moment.

Oh yes, I forgot. He told me he was going to meet me down the street today, at the next store, in front of the museum. Your body and mind begin to relax with the renewed knowledge that your lost one will most certainly be found as soon as you reach the agreed upon location.

He has risen from the dead.

He told them that He was going to do that. They would see Him.

You realize that you are the lost one, in need of following the directions given to you by your friend. You find them, and greet them with joy and relief. They were not lost. In that moment, you were the lost one, the one who needed direction.

Fear begins to transform into joy, unspeakable joy. The women obeyed the angel, and went to tell the good news. And in their obedience, they met Jesus.

We are the lost ones in search of Jesus. But He is no longer in the tomb. Don’t look there. He was not defeated. Turn around. There He is, ready to meet you.

He is right here.


2 responses to “He is not here

  1. Krista says:

    Great thoughts!! Thanks for sharing with us all 🙂

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