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Five Minute Friday: Close

on May 23, 2014

Yesterday we registered my oldest daughter for summer camp. Five whole nights without her. Five whole days without her here throughout the day. No silly jokes, no stories with vivid details, no reading of chapter books long after she should really be in bed asleep. I’ll even miss the bedtime negotiations, turning off the television shows, and kicking her outside to enjoy the sunshine. I just want to hold her and not let her go. Not let her grow up and be capable of being without her mother by her side every minute of a week.

I want to protect her from all of the hurts and disappointments of this world.

But camp is a good thing. She will learn there, have fun and enjoy new friends and the great outdoors.

In the meantime though, for the next few weeks, before she begins to pack her bags, I want to hold her tight and keep her close.

Today I am joining Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. Our topic today is Close.


7 responses to “Five Minute Friday: Close

  1. I love this. Great post. Happy Weekend!

  2. Sherry says:

    Beautifully written. I know it’s bittersweet. She’ll have a great time and then when she returns you’ll love hearing all about camp! Hold her close.

  3. Salena McKay says:

    Hi…joining from 5 Minute Friday here. Thanks for sharing your heart. As moms, it’s definitely hard to let our babies go, even though we know it’s all a part of life. Best wishes as she goes to camp soon!

  4. Anna Braun says:

    Awww! You’ll be ok and she’ll have a blast! Camp was the single hardest time I ever had for letting go but it was the best time for my daughter. I get the sadness though. The questions just fly!!! But so will she…

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