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Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate our Marital Bliss

on June 22, 2014

Well, here I am on the eve of my 18th wedding anniversary, hopped up on cold meds, waiting for the drowsy part of the meds to kick in.

My husband and I have already decided that due to our daughter’s birthday party tomorrow, my cold, and work schedule, we would wait a few more days to celebrate. We also decided that we wouldn’t buy each other cards, which at this point in the weekend, I’m hoping that means we were foregoing gifts as well.

Out of curiosity’s sake though, I thought I would look up traditional 18th wedding anniversary gift ideas. It took me going through a few different websites before I found the 18th anniversary. Apparently there’s not much to celebrate between the 15th and the 20th. The no man’s land of marriage gifts.

When I finally did find some answers to my perplexing issue, I wasn’t exactly excited. Porcelain. Yah! A toilet. I admit those toilets with buttons on them for flushing one’s different jobs are pretty cool, but I hardly can justify buying a new toilet when our current toilets are not that old (used, yes, abused, maybe, but not that old).

Of course, I could go with the traditional gift, which is feathers. I think I successfully passed by the feather in the hair rage without getting one, so I don’t think I’ll try to bring that one back (Unlike Justin Timberlake, who tried to bring sexy back, I don’t feel I am that culturally influential). So, now I’m picturing my husband buying me a feather boa at the dollar store. That is kind of funny. Or maybe my cold meds are kicking in. And I’m telling you, if he brings me home a parrot, we might be on the church’s prayer list from now until our 19th anniversary.

And then there is the other modern gift of cat’s eye jewellry. Google image that one. I don’t work for the SPCA by any stretch of the imagination, but some of that stuff is pure weirdness, and maybe even demented. Some of it looks like a real cat’s eye. Makes a fake rabbit’s foot keychain look cute and cuddly, let’s just say.

Ok, so I crossed off the porcelain, the feathers and the jewellry. I think I got it! I think I’ll get my beloved a toilet brush, a real nice one with a matching toilet brush holder, so he can clean the porcelain toilet once in a while. Hmmm, yes, sounds good to me.

Now, if someone would just invent a self-cleaning toilet, I would be all over that, anniversary or not.

Well, Happy Anniversary Scott! Eighteen years of marital bliss (I really mean that, it’s not just the cold meds talking).

Oh, and by the way, next year’s gift is chilli peppers, just to give you a head’s up!


2 responses to “Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate our Marital Bliss

  1. Anna Braun says:

    You should write on meds more often! This was hilarious. Wondering if you might have some ideas as to why marriage is not celebrated more in these teen years. Really though. Isn’t this the time when special gifts of true love are most desired?

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