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As I Saw It

on July 6, 2014

I initially wrote the first part of this post one day on my way home from work. It had been a good old traditional winter here in these parts and everyone was ready for Spring to arrive. Unfortunately our Spring was heralded in by means of a massive flood (not Noah and the ark proportions, but definitely breaking 100 year records), where a lot of families took many weeks and months to recover. For some reason at the time, I put this post on hold. Today I am looking at it again after a post tropical storm tore through our province yesterday. Our community was spared, with the exception of some power outages and downed trees.

The Lord filled me with a great sense of peace and fulfillment this afternoon as I drove to my dentist appointment. It had been a wee bit tiring day, as the children were filled to capacity with chocolate and not ready to depart from their overly long weekend. But the temperatures had been steadily rising, allowing us to believe that Spring was really here. Crocuses were beginning to emerge from the ground, flood waters were lowering, and people were walking down the street enjoying a leisurely stroll. All was well with the world, as I saw it.

As I saw it.

But yet…

Did I see the home owners throwing out their beloved, yet damaged, possessions, out onto the curb to be picked up by a stranger, thrown into the back of a truck, and later, sorted into the appropriate pile?
Did I see the strained look of the couple’s body language as they struggled to keep a facade together while out in public?
Did I see the anguish on a business person’s face who had just lost everything because insurance wouldn’t cover the latest disaster?
Did I see the power being cut off because a family couldn’t keep up with heating their home after an intensively cold winter?
Did I see a child wiping away the tears as they frantically searched for their lost dog throughout the neighbourhood?
Did I see a parent beyond frustration, silently pleading with their toddler to take a much needed nap?
Did I see the young woman peer out from behind the drawn curtains, hesitant of leaving her home for fear someone would notice her bruises?

No, I didn’t see. I didn’t look.

Perhaps I even turned my line of vision in a different direction.

But there are people who see, people who listen, people who feel others’ hurts, and stretch out a helping hand. People who go beyond.

I want to be one those people. I struggle to reach out beyond the comfort limits of opening my wallet in order to help.

God, as the song says, “Break my heart for what breaks yours.”


2 responses to “As I Saw It

  1. jywatkins says:

    Christy, I found your blog through Addie Zierman. This is a beautiful post, and it pulls at my heart too. I want to be one of those people too. I want to see and be able to help. Thanks for this great reminder to see the hurt that is around us.

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