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Shouting Out

The Frozen Birthday Cake...excuse my husband's arm and the lighter.

The Frozen Birthday Cake…excuse my husband’s arm and the lighter.

I’m a teacher. Some would say that two of a teacher’s busiest months are September and June, the beginning and the end. So in one September and then in one June (of a different year), I decided to add another event to my schedule, just to shake things up a bit. I gave birth.

Last weekend, just two days after the children finished their last day of school, and not before I was finished cleaning out my classroom, I hosted my daughter’s birthday party. Cue the squeals of nine excited children!

My house looked like it had been ransacked by villains looking for hidden jewels (we have none, hidden or otherwise). I knew it would look that way because history repeats itself whenever report cards are being written. Hosting a party at my house in the middle of this chaos was not in the question. Having downplayed our children’s birthday parties for years, I decided that perhaps it was time to take it up a notch.

I wasn’t about to rent a circus because to be quite frank, I am the circus master of my own little circus here at home every day. There would be no need for the media at this birthday party. I wasn’t going all out, but some people do, and it is those people I want to give a shout out to now.

My first shout out goes to our local civic centre. The community has worked for years to create a facility where young and old alike can go to swim and work out. Since it’s opening almost two years ago, my children have attended a number of birthday parties on site there. Children are able to swim to their hearts’ content and then go upstairs to a community room where the rest of the birthday party activities can take place. The room rental is very reasonably priced, costing me less than $50 for a group of 9 children and 6 adults for the entire venue. The staff are great there, the room is clean, and definitely large enough for a group of that size and much larger.

My second shout out goes to Tracy Stevens, cake maker extraordinaire. My daughter wanted a Frozen cake (are you surprised?). Tracy felt that with the potential number of little (and big) celebrators that it would be best to do a two tier cake. I didn’t object (again, are you surprised?). The cake was a-maz-ing! Let’s put it this way. Other cake makers in the area should be shaking in their aprons. The local supermarkets should be lowering their prices because they cannot compete. DQ, the home of the frozen deserts, should be sweating. I don’t know if her cake is a family recipe, but I can tell you one thing. If it is, she may need to watch who her children date/befriend/marry to make sure no one tries to infiltrate her kitchen and steal this recipe. She may need to call an alarm company or get a watchdog to guard this recipe. But Tracy had also better be aware of the repercussions and responsibilities of the creation of this cake…if word gets out to local politicians about her cake, they may try to create a bylaw where the over consumption of this cake could result in a stiff fine/jail time. It. Is. That. Good.

So if any of you are local, please stop by at your civic centre for a swim, and/or give Tracy a call and order a cake. Granted, I suppose if you eat a lot of the cake, you might need to swim more. So really, it’s win win for everyone!

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