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25 Things I Learned this Summer 

Well, I guess summer is officially over according to the calendar. I admit I do like the routine of fall, the coolness of the shortened days, and of course, the colours. But in all seriousness, what can compare to the ease of summer? So in order to prove that I was still learning outside the confines of a classroom, I thought I would share with you what I did learn this summer. Um, things I would probably never learn in a classroom.

So here, we go. 25 things I learned this summer:

1)Museums are cool. So are national parks.

2)You can bike on a path and feel like you are going downhill both ways. I previously thought that was only possible when your parents walked to school uphill both ways in the winter.

3)One can eat too much McDonald’s. And the drive-thru staff can hear everything you’re yelling at your kids before they say, “Can I take your order, ma’am?”

4)I may actually really like VBS songs. Really.

5)I can scratch bug bites with the same addictive tendencies as that of the average 6 year old.

6)My father looks pretty good as a pirate.


7)I am incredibly attractive….to deer flies. I’ve been calling them dog flies for years. When my daughter was a preschooler, and I asked her how she got a particular bruise, she used to tell me that a deer bit her. Now I’m thinking she must have known the correct name for these little blood sucking demons all along and just forgot to say the word fly.

8)I still do not know the real name for cupboard bugs. You know the ones…little, black, cream coloured stripes on back, found in cupboards.

9)Political ads increase my blood pressure. Deleting people who share political ads on Facebook lowers my blood pressure.  I suppose I should keep my husband on there though.

10)Occasionally a hamburger from a box tastes really good.  Really, really good.

11)Tomato soup is not always creamy. Seriously.

12)You can only hide from your boss for so long on Facebook. Eventually she will find you.  And maybe even read this.

13)Apparently people really do go to Vegas in the summer. Who knew?  I only got away as far as Halifax though.

14)I can make a pretty awesome plate of spaghetti. I still cannot eat an entire plate of spaghetti. Regardless of awesomeness.

15)I will starve before I learn to use chopsticks for their intended purpose. Of course, if I ate my McDonald’s meal with chopsticks, this could solve a lot of my problems.

16)I can let my Chatelaine subscription slide and not die. And all of the good Canadians gasped.

17)I can love my husband despite our different musical tastes. Well, I suppose I knew this before this summer, but did you know there are country songs about making bannock?

18)I can go into Butterfly World (think giant man made bubble filled with orange slices and butterflies) and not require medical assistance. Or medicinal assistance for that matters.

Butterfly World

19)There is a certain amount of satisfaction from filling up water balloons for my children and any other random child who happens to appear and allowing them to attack teenagers who thought they would have the upper hand when they saw my kids coming along.

20)A&W onion rings are from God. Olives are from satan. Ok, I knew that before this summer too.

21)Everyone should go into Cabela’s at least once in their lifetime. And Cabella’s is not the feminine form of Cabela’s, it’s just spelled wrong.

22)Collecting sea glass can an addictive sport.


23)Tooth fairies take summer vacations too. And are sometimes charged interest in the meantime.

24)I still like summer camp…going there and sending my kids there.

25)Hell and humidity both begin with the letter H. Just saying.

There we have it, folks. Another list of amazing facts from a fun filled summer. Now that I’m settling back into the classroom though, I am looking forward to an amazing fall where I will learn some of the more important lessons in life from a great group of five year olds.

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What I learned in September

Recently I discovered Emily P Freeman who writes the blog Chatting at the Sky. She lists what she has learned on a monthly basis. I thought I would try it today and tell you what I have learned in my life for this month of September. Some things are profound and some of them are not. Ok, I admit, none of them are incredibly profound. Really. At all.

What I learned in September:

1) Costco had giant pots of tri-coloured fall mums for $10 this month. I need to go to Costco more often and take advantage of some of these deals. I’ve had a Costco membership for almost two years now and I don’t get there enough for my liking. I’ve had a couple conversations within the last two weeks about different items on sale there and I realized that I’ve been missing out.

September 2013 097 A

2) Kindergarten students need a lot of walking in line practice.  I teach Kindergarten and now, almost four weeks into the school year, I think we have this pretty well mastered. Don’t worry, I know we will need to practice again, I’m sure. We are still working on other things.

3) I love owls and I may need to watch this current owl obsession to keep it in check. I used an owl theme in my classroom this fall, and I have a feeling it’s going to creep into my home very soon, one owl at a time.

4) Allowing my youngest child to order off of the regular menu in a local family restaurant, rather than from the children’s menu, could be the death of our family eating out. Although, this could be the beginning of a good thing for the family budget. But in the meantime, I suspect there may be tears involved.

5) There is a reason for the ratio chart on the box of rice. Too much water and time equals a disgusting supper that my oldest described as tasting like compost. Not that she has ever eaten compost, but she has an active imagination.

Well, that is it for this month. Here’s hoping I learn new things in October. Maybe even something profound.

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